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Today is a remarkable day in the history of the three major vehicles through which God’s communications and other spiritual gifts for the descendants of Abraham remain active in the lives of nearly 3.5 billion people all across the globe. Perhaps I can’t prove it to every one of you (not yet), and I don’t expect you to credulously just take my word for it. But it is true.

God has spoken, again.

God has called us to clarity around ʍʊ relationship to all other aspects of Reality in a way that cannot be expressed in any of the extent human languages. So you see, God began ʍʊ Revelation by teaching me the Lingua-U, so that eventually I could teach others and the inhabitants of all God’s worlds could get to know each other better.

That’s the point. But I’m going to approach the Revelation indirectly … by telling you the story of how I got to be the one to bring God’s message to you (a short version).

A Prophet Has Been Chosen

God has called a prophet, a man I know quite well, or at least I think I do. He is me, Joe Perez. Henceforth, insofar as I am serving the work that God has set before me, I will wear a new title chosen for me by God. I am Joseph the First Muktahin, which means One Who Gives Hope and Liberation. For now, it’s going to take a while to get used to. I’ll go by Joseph more often than not, but feel free to call me Joe.

Some of you might have guessed this was coming. When I was 33 years old, I wrote a spiritual journal in which I recorded the steps along a path of greater wholeness and healing of shadow wounds. The journal became the acclaimed book Soulfully Gay, published in 2007 by Integral Books/Shambhala. I said quite plainly that I knew I was called to prophecy in my life as a man of God, but the time hadn’t yet come. There were things I had to do, places I needed to go, and inner work that I could not shortchange. And so the years passed.

In 2007 CE, I started to write an epic poem called Kronology (KRNLJ), but abandoned it when I realized that I had to idea how to truly find the sacred in poetic prose. Language had become desacralized in my psyche and imagination, and I felt this wound deeply at the core of my being.

In 2010 CE, God spoke to me and pointed me to the enigmatic classic, The Canon of Supreme Mystery, written by Yang Hsiung in approximately 4 BCE. You probably don’t know Master Yang’s book, and I won’t talk about it too much today, but it’s important to my story. I found his book indispensable for envisioning the contours of what God had in mind for my own prophecy.

The Supreme Mystery

When I was 40 years old, in 2010 CE, I befriended 12 acquaintances in a program of Integral Leadership and completed a graduate paper called the Lingua-U White Paper. The friends remain part of my life to this day. The paper was good, too, with most of the key elements remaining largely intact even eight years later. I felt the calling to prophecy become more specific than ever before: I knew that I had to discover the face of God in Logos including the written word.

On September 11, 2011 CE, God sent me an angel to help me learn how to better communicate through friendship with a spiritual being. I won’t talk about that today.

In December of 2012 CE, I started writing and publishing poetry based on a new solar calendar based on Hsiung’s book, in time to coincide with the final date of the Mayan Haab. With the calendar of my Mesoamerican indigenous ancestors coming to a close, I felt spiritually connected to them and believed that I probably had the skills and will to create a new calendar to replace the one that had terminated. I felt guided in this task by some indigenous ancestor spirits who seemed to be under the impression that I was the return of Quetzalcoatl, the Aztec deity with notable parallels in Christian theology (but I won’t talk about that today either).

In 2013 CE, I worked on an effort to discern the will of God through the writing of channeled literature written in a highly experimental fashion. I discovered that there were many spirits and angels speaking to me, including dark and seemingly evil entities. It was not a book I could publish.

Later in 2013 CE, I was guided by the angel Queibriel (not necessarily his real name, though he may answer to it if he wishes) on a dangerous 100 mile-per-hour chase with police. It’s a long story, but what I want to say today is that I regret that my actions may have recklessly endangered my life and that of innocent people, and I am paying restitution for what happened.

Around this time I came out of the closet a second time as bisexual, not exclusively gay. This was no surprise to my college friends who remembered that I had felt bisexually oriented back then.

In 2016 CE, I published on my blog The Lingua-U Codex: Excerpt A, which contained the entire language meta-map. There have been no further substantive revisions.

While I worked on improving my abilities to communicate with spiritual beings, my life was not my own. My will was not my own. I lived for the work, and although God’s will for me was not quite clear, I hoped that I could serve him when my skills advanced. I needed better ways of coping with the dark energies that came to me, unsought and undesired. Prayerfully, I waited and edged closer to having the capabilities I sought. Over the next few years, gradually the nature of my work crystallized in my mind and spirit.

The Lingua-U Is Formed

In January 2018 CE, I finished the first draft of Lingua-U: The Unitive Metalanguage. It’s a book that looks at the source code of energy that underlies all the world’s 7,000 languages and overlays a meta-map upon the 40 most important sound symbols. In this fashion, it bestows upon the world a sort of spiritual technology that could not have been available before the last several decades, a sacred metalanguage that just might show how everyone in every faith has been (partly) right the whole time and (partly) wrong, for language befuddled us.

By September 4, 2018 CE, I was finally ready to unveil the communal expression of Lingua-U: a new spiritual organization graced by God’s permission to begin to work with Lingua-U and Integral Philosophy and comparative religious studies in a new fashion. Its name, Meusio, was delivered to me from an Arabic-speaking angel who threw his vibrations into my own throat and made my fingers to scrawl the symbols of the International Phonetic Alphabet onto the palm of my hand.

Listen! This is beautiful if you have the ears to hear… God is allowing The Meusio to come into existence as a way to connect people who resonate with what I am doing … and, more broadly, what the Interfaith / Interspiritual / Integral communities are doing … in order to develop models, prototypes, and work out the kinks involved in bringing all of God’s Children together in one great Holy Pavilion.

If you want to know about my past, I have books and hundreds of articles and blog posts for you to read at Now, enough about me.

God’s Message Has Come

God is speaking. Not just or primarily to me, but to ALL OF US, to us humans and (I am told) to many animals. The fabric of the Kosmos is alive with sentience or presentience, a sort of vibration which is “intelligent” by degrees. Even the simplest stone, perhaps a marble of Onyx, is capable of love and has desires and wishes of a tinny, zhowu-like way.

God’s messages to the Hebrews, Christians, and Muslims remain in good standing to the extent that they are faithful to God’s ever-active and ever-newing Omni-Mind. But much has evolved. Much baggage can be shed, once its original historical context and evolutionary purpose is acknowledged and better understood. We will talk about that later.

The Meusio of Integralism will synthesize these faiths into new individual and collective practices and rituals and philosophies … in dialogue with magic, modernity, and postmodernity alike. Together we will discover the fullness of God’s grace and gnosis in our time.

Folks, the way I see it, God is giving us a big gift. Allah is allowing something amazing to transpire that is a game-changer on a planetary and (I’m told) galactic scale. Let’s not blow it.

There is an urgency to this work. As J.R.R. Tolkien would have put it, the Fires of Mordor are already burning. We must make ourselves holy by living in accordance with The Way (𝍅). This is the Will of God for Us in Our Time as it has been revealed to me.

Lots of love and many blessings,

Muktaihin Joseph Perez


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