About The Founder

Joe Perez brings an extensive background to his work as our First Muktaihin and his roles as our interim Executive Director. His life story and professional experience combine the study and application of theology, comparative religion, philosophy, social criticism, and organizational development.

He was born and raised in rural Washington State as a third-generation Mexican American. In 1991, he was graduated with Honors from Harvard University in The Comparative Study of Religion with Philosophy as Allied Field. In 1992, he nearly completed his Master of Arts in Divinity from The Divinity School at The University of Chicago with a specialty in religion and the human sciences (satisfying all requirements except one examination).

In 2010, he earned a Certificate in Integral Leadership from Pacific Integral/LIOS Graduate College of Saybrook University in completion of the program in Generating Transformative Change. For his final project, he developed a prototype of Lingua-U, the “unitive metalanguage” which brings together wisdom from many of the world’s Sacred Word traditions. He has also completed the STAGES In-Depth training, a new assessment methodology for human development.

He has demonstrated through his writing the ability to develop new and innovative subtle constructs including insightful spiritual autobiographies (his book Soulfully Gay was published in 2007 by Integral Books/Shambhala and has been highly praised by Ken Wilber and Jim Marion among others), a meta-language of subtle energy that is essentially a prototype of a Kabbalah of the International Phonetic Alphabet, a meta-calendar, the Bear-Yak Zodiac, a novel and an epic poem (published under one cover by Tangent Publishers/Integral Publishers in 2016 as The Kalendar Series: Book One, The Black Stone), and more than a thousand articles and blog posts (some of which were compiled into the book Rising Up).

Additionally, his business experience includes the role of Principal for Writing Wolf LLC, a Seattle-based editorial consultancy and career coaching firm. Previously, he has worked as a consultant for Microsoft Corporation, Oracle Systems, and several smaller technology and financial companies in Seattle and Chicago.

Throughout his life, he has demonstrated an unusual ability to build bridges of connection between disparate academic disciplines, schools of thought, and avenues of creativity. He has found innovative ways to reconcile his sexuality (as a gay-identified bisexual man) with his spirituality (as a prophetically-gifted practitioner within the Abrahamic Traditions), and health challenges (as a man suffering from dual medical disabilities) with his active and productive lifestyle.  He has been assessed on multiple occasions with both the Leadership Maturity Framework (LMF) and STAGES as demonstrating developmental capacities for leadership at “Integral” or “Super-Integral” levels.

He earned his ordination as an Integral Minister from the Esoteric Theological Seminary in 2018, and is currently working to complete the requirements of the degree of Master of Divinity. He has received mentoring as an Integral Minister and been granted the Meusio’s Certification as an Integral Minister.

He received an authentic spiritual vocation to the role of Muktaihin of the Integral Meusio in 2018, a role including prophetic (visionary), apologetic (pandit-like) and ritual leadership functions. As the Grand Muktaihin (Head of Orders) he is responsible for hiring and mentoring the initial leadership team of the organization, and for the development of religious orders as part of the Integral Meusio’s mission of service in the world.

His current projects include finishing the books The Worldview Artist and Lingua-U for publication in early 2019.