Communities, Meetings, and Masses

As The Meusio begins to expand, we foresee that a variety of Areas will be designated to bring nearby people together into a locally-centered Community. A Leadership Circle in the Community will oversee the offerings of Meetings (usually run by laity) and Masses (run by Integral Ministers).

Many different types of Meetings could be offered including prayer, working groups, charitable service, community activism, social purposes, and support groups for persons in recovery from addictions or illness. Still other Meetings will be organized around meditation, yoga, martial arts, chanting, or other activities for spiritual enrichment or physical well-being.

Community Leadership

Whenever possible, our Communities should be led by properly trained, assessed, and ordained Integral Ministers; however, Communities may be led by laity when no member of the religious is available in the area, or when the lay member possesses unique skills required to perform the Community’s activities.

Open and Closed Meetings and Masses

All Meetings and Masses of The Meusio – including online forums offering meetings – will be designed as either Open or Closed. Open (O) Meetings are open to non-members whereas closed (C) Meetings are restricted to members only.

Masses must be conducted by properly ordained persons and will follow rites described by the The Muesio’s Circle for Ministry.

Membership Criteria

Closed Meetings and Masses are only open to members of The Meusio.

Open Meetings and Masses are open to members and guests (i.e., non-members). When attending our functions, guests should respect the Group’s rules concerning confidentiality and members of the media.

Special effort ought to be made to co-create an environment respectful of diversity in terms of sex, class, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, disability, and any other characteristic that has created an experience of marginalization or wounding around levels of social privilege. As well, groups ought to encourage the participation of members of diverse developmental stations and typological qualities so that the stations of life for all persons is affirmed and honored.

All Meetings and Masses should be welcoming and inclusive of all people regardless of religious or philosophical orientation or any other characteristic of identity, but any Community may expel individuals who communicate or behave in a disruptive or disrespectful manner.

The Ongoing Open Forum of The Meusio

Documents concerning The GM will be distributed through the website plus one other online forum to be announced. The online forum will also host discussions of the contents of the documents, field questions from the public, and give non-members a chance to interact with the Integral Ministers and/or Integral Mentors who choose to participate.

Area Communities

After consulting with an Integral Minister, any member of The Meusio may start an Open Meeting or Closed Meeting close to where they live. Integral Ministers may start Masses or Meetings in their area of pastoral care. These Meetings and Masses will be publicized via our websites and other ongoing meetings. General guidelines and protocols for conducting Meetings and Masses will be given through official channels.

If there is an established Community in your Area, in the interest of harmonious relations in The Meusio, you should attend its Meetings or Masses whenever possible or create a new Meeting within the same Community rather than attend offerings elsewhere.