Our Governance

As our organization grows, we anticipate developing our own Traditions of Governance suitable for our mission in the world. The following principles are offered as one possibility for how we could work fluidly together for the realization of God’s Beautiful Kingdom.

The actual Principles of Governance for The Meusio will be established at our First General Meeting in 2020. Everyone who wants to have an influence in how the organization is structured and managed is strongly encouraged to attend.

Download “Our 12 Principles of Governance” as a PDF.

Our 12 Principles of Governance

  1. Our organization is governed by a powerful sense of one overall purpose: to carry our God-given message of The Way to liberate all sentient beings in all worlds from suffering in body, mind, soul, and spirit, and to build a sane and healthy world to pass on to our future generations.
  2. Decision-making is not concentrated in the hands of a few but distributed in Circles that are each grounded in their own defined purposes expressed in Charters.
  3. Within each Circle, members have defined roles which are themselves grounded in their own defined purposes as stated in Charters.
  4. When something goes awry, we change something to restore The Meusio to its common purpose and manifest the fix in effective ways.
  5. Because our success requires a coherent and sustainable Organization, we require as a condition of membership both a Profession of Faith in our grounding beliefs as well as an agreement that members will offer a monetary or in-kind gift.
  6. Members who wish to start a Meusio in their area are strongly encouraged to do so by creating a Meusio Charter in collaboration with a Minister; each meusio is autonomous in enacting its Charter in the way that it desires, provided it does not adversely impact other meusio.
  7. Each Meusio, including the International Meusio Head Office, is autonomous in regard to endorsing or financing any related outside enterprise or program, in accord with their Meusio Charter.
  8. A Circle of Integral Ministry at the Head Office will provide professional oversight and training of ministers, priests, rabbis, imams, lineage masters, and other clergy or chaplains who may be employed by The Meusio according to the terms of the Circle’s Charter.
  9. A Circle of Integral Mentorship at the Head Office will provide non-professional oversight and training to Integral Mentors who are volunteers devoted to supporting the spiritual development and integral well-being of all those they serve.
  10. An Executive Circle of The First Muktahin and Circle Leads from the Core Circles plus one or more elected Members-at-Large will serve The Meusio by carrying out the Charter of the Executive Circle. All of these roles except The First Muktaihin will be formally installed at the first General Meeting. Prior to the GM, The First Muktaihin will act as interim Executive Director and may appoint persons to act in leadership roles as he deems fitting. The Charter of the Executive Circle will include rules for succession in case of illness, death, retirement, or misconduct.
  11. The opinions of The Meusio on matters of major significance are given by the Chair of the Communications Circle or by any member of the Executive Circle, who together will implement a public relations policy based on the principle that a pluralism of methods of attraction, promotion, and paying-it-forward is likely to best serve our purpose.
  12. The Privacy Policy of our organization will be made public and will operationalize the principle that the communication of one’s membership in The Meusio is a matter usually best handled by the individual as they choose, except for routine internal meusio business.

The First Annual General Meeting

The 1st Annual General Meeting of The Meusio will be held January 9–12, 2020, in Seattle, Washington.