Integral Ministry

Integral Ministry
Integral Ministry

Leadership in the Integral Meusio will include a group of ordained servant-leaders called Integral Ministers and a group of unordained (laymen and laywomen) servant-leaders called Integral Mentors.

The Integral Meusio is currently accepting applicants for becoming an Integral Minister with our organization. All new Integral Ministers will be assigned Areas based on their preferences on a “first come, first served” basis and assignments could last indefinitely.

All the members of our ministry team will be called Integral Ministers, and some will have additional titles as well (Rabbi, Priest, Imam, Yogi, Master, Cleric, Interfaith Minister, Chaplain, and so on). The process for obtaining titles other than Integral Ministry is highly context-dependent, varying depending on the particular title sought, the qualifications of the minister for that title, and the willingness of another religious body to confer the title upon the minister. Priestly titles (i.e., those that customarily require Apostolic Succession) will only be recognized in the case of the priest candidate having legitimately received the requisite sacrament of Holy Orders.

The Integral Ministers are assigned an Area based on their geographic location and they serve all Meusio members in that location, plus other members who are attracted to them owing to their particular talents or pre-existing relationships. The persons to whom the Ministers minister may be called worshipers, attendees, congregants, Jamaat, or another term of the Minister’s choosing. We will generally call them a Community.

All our Integral Ministers give a variety of services to their Community including spiritual direction, personal or relationship counseling, healing services, energy work, embodiment work, intuitive readings, and so on. They will often lead Salat ritual prayer services, provide instruction in meditation, teach Integral Yoga, preside at Masses, preach the Gospel, or give Dharma talks. Of course, not all Integral Ministers will serve all of these functions; they will specialize!

The work of the Integral Ministers is overseen by the Head of Ministry at the Integral Meusio. At this time, the Head of Ministry position is vacant, and the responsibilities for this position are in the hands of our First Muktaihin, an ordained Integral Minister.

Our Ministers legally accept donations for their services, file taxes as a clergy member, and may apply for tax exempt non-profit status for their Area body. They do not receive a salary at this time, though perhaps that will change in the future after our organization is funded to a sufficient level so that we can support our integral clergy.

Ordination of New Ministers

Because our Head of Ministry position is currently vacant, we are short of staff. Therefore, we do not offer legal ordination services at this time. Instead, we accept ordinations from other reputable institutions of the prospective minister’s choosing. Some possibilities include the ministry, rabbinical, or clerical body of established religious institutions (e.g., the Unitarian Universalists or the United Church of Christ) as well as interfaith programs such as the Esoteric Theological Seminary, the Chaplaincy Institute, or One Spirit Interfaith Seminary.

Some of these institutions require advanced graduate degrees and extensive preparation for ministry whereas others have a more lenient approach based on the democratic principle that “all are called to ministry” and institutions shouldn’t get in the way of a genuine calling from God or Spirit, or a Buddhic desire to teach enlightenment to alleviate the suffering of all sentient beings.

Whether we will offer legal ordination services in the future is an open question, and ultimately the decision will rest on the shoulders of the Head of Ministry, who will be the Lead of the Ministry Circle.

How To Become an Integral Minister

If you want to become an Integral Minister in collaboration with the Integral Meusio, we will support you in the process of getting started or building your practice of ministry. Our suggested minimum age requirement is 21 years; there is no maximum age.

Although we cannot currently ordain you, we certify all of our Integral Ministers. The certification process involves many distinct elements including these:

  • Receipt of a copy of your ordination certificate from an acceptable ordination body.
  • Receipt of academic transcripts from all relevant educational institutions.
  • Receipt of a recognized Integral Assessment test (for example, the STAGES Assessment of Pacific Integral or the Maturity Assessment Profile (MAP) of The Center for Leadership Maturity (CLM). There is no “minimum score” requirement. The assessment is used by senior ministers to support the new minister in their work.
  • An autobiographical essay on your spiritual formation of at least 3,000 words. Candidates who have published relevant papers, articles or books may submit their published work instead.
  • An essay ranging between 1,500 and 3,000 words on the topic of your choice of vocation.
  • A professional resume listing all work experience within 15 years and all relevant work experience.
  • A detailed application form and one or more interviews with members of our Ministry Circle.
  • Letters of reference from three persons who know you well and can attest to your potential as an Integral Minister.
  • A non-refundable application fee of $100.

Although the expense of fulfilling all these requirements is not insignificant, unfortunately we have no scholarship support at this time. For ministry candidates who have genuine financial need, we can offer advice or suggestions for fundraising to help you to raise the expenses.

Applications are currently being accepted on a rolling basis. Decisions are usually made within 30 days of receipt of a complete application package. If you would like to apply to become an Integral Minister, contact the minister at the Head Office at 206-294-6946 and send your completed packet to us at

Religious Orders

The Integral Meusio anticipates that within one to three years we will begin to sponsor at least one residential or non-residential religious order (i.e., an order of monks or nuns). If you want to be notified of our future plans (and help to shape them), contact the Head Office.

Of course, being a “spiritual start-up”, the Integral Meusio lacks a monastery. If you are aware of a spiritual organization, retreat center, or other group with allied values that may be willing to co-locate (share) their facility, please let us know.