To my friends in the Integral Christian community:

The first book of Integral Christianity I ever read was Jim Marion’s Putting on the Mind of Christ. As you are probably all aware, it now has the status of classic and is very much an imperative read for any integral Christian.

Like Marion, I also had a faith formation that put an emphasis on the Kingdom of Heaven. Following in the footsteps of my favorite Catholic theologian, Hans Küng, I believed that perhaps at least as much as Christological messages, that Jesus own proclamation ought to be of central importance to Christianity. I have long thought that Jesus’ own message concerning a Realm of God, both immanent and coming, both here and not-yet-here, ought to be a central proclamation for the Church.

In Marion’s chapter on the “Kingdom of Heaven”, he wrote these prefatory words:

The traditional Christian spiritual “maps,” beginning with the three-fold map of St. Dionysios, the early Christian saint who divided the Christian spiritual path into the purgative, illuminative, and unitive ways, are inadequate. These maps do not account for the evolution of human consciousness in children, adolescents, or even in the average Christian adult. The traditional maps, understandably, also fail to take into account the mapping of human consciousness growth by modern psychology. In place of the traditional maps, I propose a nine-stage map based upon the work of twentieth century consciousness pioneers such as Jean Piaget, Jean Gebser, and Ken Wilber.

Perhaps you believe as I do that each day, the Kingdom of Heaven grows closer, the more people shed immature self-understandings and put on the mind of Christ. Marion correctly points out that having good integral maps can help us to locate the Realm of Heaven. And as Ken Wilber and other integralists are putting it these days, we are experiencing evolutionary enlightenment as more people Wake Up, Grow Up, Show Up, and Lighten Up.

I am writing to you today not only as the author of Soulfully Gay (the book Jim Marion called “a passionate work of spiritual intelligence” and Ken Wilber called “one of the most astonishing tales of death and resurrection you are likely to find in today’s literature…”), but as someone who has been tasked by God to help bring my Unique Gifts into the world in multi-faceted ways and through several overlapping ministries.

This is my first time writing to you as an ordained Integral Minister. It is also the first of approximately five Open Letters to Integral Christians planned over the next 16 months, in order to inform you about an important new integral spiritual organization and to keep you apprised about what I feel you need to know. I believe you will find this organization of great interest and I pray that you will see the connections to Integral Christianity and the Abrahamic Traditions at large.


On September 4, 2018 CE, the Integral Meusio was formed in Seattle, Washington, and on the worldwide web at www.meusio.org. The term “meusio” means simply spiritual organization, church, synagogue, or mosque. The organization itself is sometimes simply called the Meusio. Indeed, having good maps is important to putting on the Mind of Christ. The thinkers at the Meusio will aim to incorporate the best of Piaget, Gebser, and Wilber while adding to them metalanguage (Lingua-U) which gives us a map of Sacred Words. And Christianity, a religion of Logos, knows about the Word.

It is my belief that the Meusio is a notable part of the coming-and-here Kingdom of Heaven, and therefore I am writing to you to request that you set aside some time for contemplation, prayer, and discussion related to this newly emergent meusio. There are quite a few blog posts already written on subjects such as religious pluralism, the nature of religious prophecy, and the role of creeds and statements of belief in the integral faith formation process. As well, there are more than a dozen articles in our new Knowledge Base, a source for doctrinal teaching. Finally, I hope you check out the pages on our site related to ministry, Masses, and faith formation classes.

Please read what interests you and consider joining the conversation about our organization or joining it as you see fit. If there are matters unclear that should be clarified, speak up. If you think we are taking the wrong track in any respect, speak up. If you want to play a contrarian, shake things up. Your criticisms and qualms, if any, will make this emergent more integral, more authentically godly, and stronger in purpose.

And if you are inspired by the prospect of an emerging integral spiritual organization based explicitly on the profession of faith in God — including Christ in an explicit doctrinal formation — then join us as a member! As more people join, we can connect in our hometowns and regions with each other instead of merely connecting through online Masses and meetings.

It isn’t necessary at this time for me to compare the Meusio to other churches, spiritual communities, or online groups for the community of Christian integralists and Christian progressives. You can see the differences yourself and note whether one group appeals to you more than another. It is possible these groups will collaborate or connect in the future in an ecumenical spirit. The Meusio, as you will see, is inspired especially by old Catholicism and some gnostic influences among other sources, so our vision includes a sacramental aspect.

Therefore, when we speak of The Holy Pavilion in our spiritual literature, there is a soteriological dimension to our mission. What Jesus spoke of as the Kingdom of God, we reference as The Holy Pavilion (not to change or distort Christian teaching, but to evolve it in a way that preserves the integrity of the original teaching while adding an important accretion; simultaneously, our shift in metaphor enables us to broaden our interfaith and interspiritual outreach). The Holy Pavilion, as we say in our Profession of Faith, is “a Volver of Perspectives through which God bestows His-nondual Grace”.


I want to explain why this letter is signed with an unfamiliar title. The Meusio, you see, is an organization with a living and prophetic faith. The Integral orthodoxy doesn’t really talk much about prophets, do they? But without prophets, the cause of inspiring change from within the Abrahamic Traditions is lost.

We believe that prophets are still needed and not only something God used centuries ago. This may or may not be a stumbling block to you. We pray it is not, and we are happy to help you discern the truth of it for yourself. I would not have accepted God’s call into a prophetic and ordained ministry had I not already built a track record including multiple books, a mystical metalanguage, a mystical meta-calendar, a mystical epic poem, and so forth, in a manner that is already public and well-known. Now that I have stepped up into a prophetic ministry, I will be happy to include other prophets within the organization so that we may learn from each other, mentoring and receiving mentorship from one another.

Therefore, when an angel of God gave me the title of First Muktaihin*, it was acceptable to me as a practical matter. Its mystical meaning is along the lines of one who gives hope of liberation. It is but one of many possible religious titles in the new Meusio, which could very well have Bishops, Cardinals, Lamas, Masters, Imams, and so forth, with appropriate distinctions of rank as may be necessary for the smooth functioning of the organization. Maybe even Jedi Knights, who knows?! 😉

In closing, please remember my plea for you to begin to familiarize yourself with the Meusio and its literature. Contemplate its ideas and pray about its significance. To aid in your comprehension of them, you may want to read the Profession of Faith and The Twelve Tenets aloud, for they have a subtle energetic power that becomes more perceptible aloud. Feel free to reach out to me at any time as a resource for understanding God’s reasons for founding the Meusio and discerning how it may be of significance to you.

In 16 months, the Meusio will have its 1st Annual General Meeting. Won’t you come to Seattle as a member or guest then?

Much love and many blessings,
Muk. Joseph Perez, Integral Minister
First Muktaihin of the Integral Meusio

NOTE: As of October 1, 2018, we are replacing the designation “Grand” with “First” in our public-facing publications. 


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