Meusio Events

There are more than a dozen religious services, the Meusio Masses, scheduled for the duration of 2018, plus two series of Faith Formation Classes (FFCs) available for adults with a serious interest in joining The Meusio.


The Masses of 2018 CE – 2020 CE are Part of the Integral Meusio’s Celebration of the Majestic at the Seat of Interiority at the Throne of Avatar (πŒΌπŒƒ).

Faith Formation Classes (FFCs)

The following two series of classes will be offered free to members and prospective members:

  • Foundations of Integralism (4 classes)
  • Technologies of Integralism (5 classes)

Local Meetings and Masses – TBA

Joseph will soon announce in-person events for the Meusio community in Seattle and the Pacific Northwest.