Alternative Professions of Faith

Although the Integral Meusio offers a standard Profession of Faith as a guide to our beliefs and values, we recognize that not every person will find themselves in alignment with it at every time of their life. Accordingly, we allow membership through alternative Professions.

If you want to join by a Profession different than our group’s standard, here are some ideas for getting started.

Requirements for Alternative Professions of Faith:

  • Such Profession must be made in good conscience.
  • Such Profession must contain a verbal component of at least 100 words and not greater than 400 words.
  • Although it may optionally contain artistic, musical, or other non-verbal content, such content does not substitute for the verbal element, which must be recited aloud for membership.
  • Approval of the alternative Profession of Faith by an Integral Minister is required for membership in the Meusio.

Suggestions for Alternative Professions of Faith:

  • Speak from your highest realization of Self, God-consciousness, or station of your spiritual journey.
  • Address the key themes of the standard Profession of Faith: your relationship to Source, your Identity, how to access wisdom or revelation or truth from Source, how you stand in relationship to the Great Traditions and spirituality of the First Nations, the will of God or Spirit or Emptiness or Ultimate Identity for our world today,  your participation in or relationship to the processes of cosmic or spiritual evolution, the nature of your hope as an individual and part of humankind, and the contour of your path for ethical or holy or spiritual or wellness-oriented being.
  • Feel free to use elements such as sacred poetry (your own or borrowed), sacred scripture (your own or borrowed), and sacred symbols (your own or borrowed).
  • Feel free to incorporate the creedal statements of other organizations to which you belong (e.g., for most Christians, the Nicean Creed).

Sharing of Alternative Professions of Faith

We encourage our members to share their Alternative Professions of Faith with whomever they choose. Therefore, you may be asked to write an article about your Profession for meusio publications.

However, we recognize that some members may feel their Profession very personally and privately. No one is required to share their Profession with any other member, and members should feel free to be as public or private as they like with it.

Who Can Receive a Recitation of an Alternative Profession of Faith

Although any meusio member can receive a recitation of a standard Profession of Faith, only an Integral Minister can receive an Alternative Profession of Faith.