Integral Ministry
Integral Ministry

The Opportunity

The Integral Meusio is one of the first religious organizations devoted to promoting an Integral Spirituality in community with other Integralists. Our vision is to bring the best wisdom of the East and the best wisdom of the West into harmony and further the health and welfare of the entire globe.

We are also one of the first organizations, if not the first, to certify ordained Integral Ministers. You could have the opportunity to lead the formation of an entire cohort or assembly of rabbis, priests, ministers, imams, and other service-focused individuals who draw inspiration from their own traditions as well as Integral Spirituality.

We are a “spiritual start-up” seeking a Head of Ministry who is self-motivated, a “spiritual entrepreneur” who strives to uphold the Prime Directive of protecting the health and welfare of the entire Spiral of development, and to do so by boldly going where angels fear to tread.

Position: Head of Ministry at the Integral Meusio (A Non-Profit Corporation In Formation), Lead of Ministry Circle
Title: Specific To Your Lineage and Choice (Lama, Minister, Reverend, Master, etc.). Title Must Include Senior-Level Designation such as Grand, Chief, Most Holy, Panchen, Chenpo, and so on. Final Title Must Be Approved by Executive Circle.
Reports To: Executive Circle (The Lead of the Ministry Circle is a key member of the Executive Circle)
Classification: Volunteer. No Salary. Part-Time (minimum of 5 hours per week). Position terminates on January 12, 2020 at General Meeting. Circle Leads who desire to continue with their work will stand for election along with other candidates on the final day of the General Meeting.

General Description

Providing Integral Ministers with spiritual, moral, and intellectual development as lived and taught in accordance with the ideals of the Integral Meusio. Contributing to other Circles of the organization in order to provide guidance and support for the purpose of advancing the wisdom and promoting the health of the Tradition of Integralism.

Note: The Integral Meusio is in “start-up mode”. As we add to our team, we will be forming an organization modeled on Holacracy. If you are not familiar with this distributed governance model, please familiarize yourself with it before applying. The processes will be loose at first and gradually get more refined. All governance processes will get a good look-see at the organization’s 1st Annual General Meeting in Seattle (January 9–12, 2020). Your attendance at the 1st GM is required.


  • Must be practicing an Integral Spirituality, drawing from wisdom from one or more of the Great Traditions or indigenous spirituality, plus familiarity with Integral Theory and at least one of the following: divinity, psychology, counseling, business leadership, or life coaching.
  • Must fulfill all the requirements of membership in the Integral Meusio prior to the conclusion of the hiring process.
  • Must be ordained prior to hiring and become a Meusio-certified Integral Minister within 60 days of hire.
  • Commitment to representing the Integral Meusio within ministerial organizations, world religious dialogue, and so on.
  • Experience in counseling, spiritual direction, teaching, organizing and executing programs and events that nurture the spiritual needs of persons. Experience ministering to other ministers is a plus.
  • College graduate and Master’s degree are preferred, but not required. Comparable experience may be substituted.
  • Adding to the diversity of our organization through life experience, socio-cultural background (sex, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and so on), spiritual and religious orientation, station of life, and personality type is a plus.

To Apply

Send us your resume and cover letter prior to October 31, 2018. If you do not receive a confirmation of receipt of your application within 2 business days, call us.

If a suitable candidate is not identified by the deadline, the position will be reposted until it is filled.


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