The neologism meusio was received by the First Muktahin in August 2018 from an Arabic-speaking angel as a word which itself is neither English, Spanish, nor Arabic. Although Joseph does not speak Arabic at this time, the angel put sounds into the prophet’s own mouth and drew letters of the International Phonetic Alphabet on his skin with his own fingers.

According to the Muktahin, meusio means “spiritual community, church, synagogue, or mosque”. It is pronounced myʊsio or myusio.

It is the will of Allah that this arising within His Faith Tradition use a word which will not alienate anyone who is guided by loyalty to the word for spiritual community unique to their own specific sect or religion.

The plural of meusio is simply meusio.


    • I’ve answered this question now in the new page on Integral Ministry. Short version: we don’t ordain ministers at this time, but we certify ministers who have been ordained through another organization. Thus, our ministers will be both ordained and certified.


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